The Power of Public Relations for your Fashion Brand


The Importance of PR

Public Relations does a lot of heavy lifting for a brand in terms of brand awareness and customer connection. A good PR strategy:

  • Cultivates & maintains important relationships
  • Keeps you on top of cultural relevance
  • Applies cultural relevance to products
  • Is fully time consuming
  • Requires existing long-term relationships

PR Agencies

Working with professional PR agents can be an excellent investment of resources as a good agent can shortcut access to important people and quickly increase your social proof. When you are looking to hire a PR agent, though, make sure they not only have a good track record and existing relationships but are also familiar with your business niche and size. Ask yourself?

  • Where have their clients received press?
  • What channels are they considering for you?
  • Make sure their arena aligns with your niche and strategy
  • Has the PR agent worked with businesses of your sizeSmall startups and large corporations are very different worlds
  • Do they have proven success?
  • Do you have a referral or intorduction to them? That often means they are tried and true agents

When you begin working with an agent, set up clear expectations and have discussions around:

  • Ideal publications
  • Ideal events
  • Targets
  • Ideate with them
  • Local markets v. national reach
  • Global reach for international pitching

Whenever you’re ready to integrate a PR strategy, make sure you vet the agencies well and look for three key things: their relationships, the connection they have to your brand and authenticity in every aspect.

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