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Ghost Candy Corn Pendant by Chelsea Stone

The same way campers convey to spooky stories all-around the campfire, metalsmiths and beaders share eerie tales each time we get together. Tales of the instrument that came to hand right when you necessary it, or a torch that received too close to your ponytail. Some jewelry studio tales are coincidences that give you the shivers, though other folks are reminders to exercise studio basic safety. Possibly way, in this article are a couple of studio scares for your fright night time.

Previously mentioned image: Ghost with Sweet Corn by Chelsea Stone for Eye Sweet Jewelry.

How quite a few instruments does it take to be actually frightened? A drawer full of spherical-nose pliers? Nah. It could be argued that each and every 1 has their function. The authentic horror is drawer on drawer of instruments that have not been utilized in a when. So, I guess it is time to carve out some time to put all those applications to use. And perhaps pass a couple along to the Toolbox Initiative. —Katie Hacker, Content material Supervisor, Beading & Jewellery

Skeleton With Pliers
A drawer complete of round-nose pliers. Image courtesy of Katie Hacker.

Surprise Customer

I am working in a short term locale all through some household renovations and my established up is unfamiliar. Moreover, leaving items accessible to my outrageous cats generally worries me. 1 day this week, I arrived down the corridor to locate this furry shock! My kitty, Jinx . . . laying in a tray of beads! I did scream! —Deb Floros, Owner of Deb Luvs Jewelry Types

Cat in Bead Tray
Jinx in an sudden place. Image courtesy of Deb Floros.

Spooky Serendipity

I wanted 12 kits for a Halloween beading social gathering on quick notice. My shopper needed “Halloween, but not too Halloween” and she loves purple. By some sort of magic, I had particularly plenty of purple pearls to make these sample earrings—plus 12 kits! —Danielle Wickes, Operator of Danielle Wickes Jewellery, Innovative Director of John Bead

Earrings by Danielle Wickes
Serendipitous earrings. Picture courtesy of Danielle Wickes.

Ghost Harm

A couple of yrs ago, I was drilling into a piece of steel, used too a great deal tension, and the drill little bit out of the blue broke/ skipped into my finger. The little puncture on my finger began to bleed, and I inspected the drill little bit to come across, certainly, it had broken midway up the bit and lodged in my “moneymakers” (as my lover phone calls my fingers.) I almost fainted in the vehicle on the way to the hospital—I can not stand the sight of my have blood.

I was absolutely sure the drill little bit was lodged deeply, and surgery would be necessary, together with stitches, probably a forged, and time out of function. Then the X-ray arrived again clear. There appeared to be nothing in the wound. What? The drill little bit should have flown into the abyss of my studio and the blunt close nicked me just plenty of to attract some blood and give me a scare. The medical doctor stated it would be just great with a great cleaning and a bandage. 

My nerves and creativity had run away with me. My partner shook his head and tried using not to chortle. I got back in the car and been given a monthly bill for $1,500 for my area scratch. Talk about a fright. But additional to my ego than my finger. —Chelsea Stone, Owner of Eye Candy Jewelry

Bandaged Finger
A great cleaning and a bandage. Impression courtesy of Chelsea Stone.

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