Deck Out Your House in These Cheap Halloween Decorations


Here’s a spooky prospect: Spending too much money on Halloween decorations.

Marked-up prices on inflatable jack-o’-lanterns and crepe paper skeletons are the stuff of scary movies. But fear not — there are plenty of options for cheap Halloween decorations that will transform your home into a house of ghoulish delights and frights without leaving behind a fear-inspiring bank account statement. If you’re on the prowl for affordable Halloween decorations, you’ve come to the right blog post.

The editors at RetailMeNot always go a little gaga over Halloween decorations, hunting high and low for the most spooktacular savings and fang-tastic deals. So, without any further Halloween puns, we bring you cheap Halloween decorations to buy now:

Best Scary Outdoor Halloween Decorations 

Bloody Knife Garland

Deck Out Your House in These Cheap Halloween Decorations
Image: Amazon

Nothing says “I take Halloween very seriously” like decorating your home with garlands of bloody knives! This grisly garland is made of butcher knives, hacksaws and scissors crafted from shiny, thin bendable plastic. Four sets of 7.5-foot-long banners are included.

Why We Love It: Here’s a DIY outdoor Halloween decorations tip from us pro Halloween fans: Hang these around your front yard and splatter the sink with fake blood made from a blend of water, corn syrup, chocolate syrup and red food coloring. Passerby will be horrified, then impressed.

Price: $16.99 on Amazon

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Bloody Foot- and Handprints 

man looking out a house window with fake bloody handprints while a zombie looks at him
Image: Amazon

Spread these bloody footprints, handprints and drops of blood over your windows, mirrors and doors to make it look like you had a showdown with a bunch of zombies — and the zombies won. The stickers are made from an eco-friendly PVC material that adheres to slick surfaces without leaving behind residue. Eight sheets of stickers are included.

Why We Love It: Scary outdoor Halloween decorations that are cheap and gruesome? We’re ordering seven.

Price: $8.39 on Amazon 

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Cocoon Corpse

halloween cocoon corpse hanging upside down
Image: Amazon

Hang this freaky lifelike corpse from a tree, door frame or porch, or place him in the passenger seat so you can use the carpool lane (kidding!). The corpse is about 5-foot-6 and wrapped in stretchy spiderweb-like gauze.

Why We Love It: The corpse pairs perfectly with other scary outdoor Halloween decorations on this list like the bloody knife garland and bloody footprints.

Price: $26.99 on Amazon

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Haunted Doorbell

fake clock with an eyeball in the center
Image: Amazon

This macabre doorbell hangs on your door to delight trick-or-treaters (and scare off tricksters). When you ring the doorbell by pressing the button, a bright green eyeball opens and rolls around. Note that this item requires three AAA batteries, which are not included.

Why We Love It: In addition to playing a chilling “ding-dong,” this animated doorbell cycles through different hair-raising sounds, including doors creaking, evil cackling and a voice warning you to “enter at your own risk!”  

Price: $29.99 on Amazon

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Best Halloween House Decorations

3D Holographic Moving Portraits

holographic pictures of creepy woman and girls
Image: Amazon

Depending on where you are standing, these portraits will display either creepy Victorian women or even creepier Victorian zombie women. Each portrait is 15.2 inches by 10.4 inches; three portraits are included.

Why We Love It: Holographic photos are fun: stand on the right, it’s a lady. Stand on the left, it’s a zombie. Jump back and forth: Lady, zombie. Lady, zombie. We could do this for hours!

Price: $13.96 on Amazon

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Fog Machine

fog machine
Image: Amazon

Shroud your living room with billows of dense, continuous smoke with this fog machine. The super spooky device includes a power cable, wireless remote and automatic timer, but fog liquid is sold separately.

Why We Love It: The surprisingly powerful little machine is can be used indoors and outdoors, making it suitable for spooking up your walkway or a Halloween party. And it’s good for more than just cheap Halloween house decorations: after the spooky season is over, this smoke machine can make a splash at other events like parties, family gatherings and weddings.

Price: $45.99 on Amazon

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Fake Rusty Barbed Wire

fake barbed wire rolled up
Image: Amazon

It’s made from plastic, but this fake rusty-color barbed wire looks pretty dang realistic. The plastic barbed wire is 24-feet-long, and also comes in silver.

Why We Love It: A prime example of cheap Halloween decorations, this versatile barbed wire can adorn your windows, fences and Halloween displays. If you have any leftovers, it works pretty well on human or pet costumes, too.

Price: $16.95 on Amazon

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Best Halloween Light Decorations

Broom Path Lights

yard broom decorations
Image: Amazon

These three broom path lights can cast a magical glow over your front walkway or driveway. These vintage brooms stand about 3-and-a-half feet tall and are entwined in strings of purple LED lights.

Why We Love It: These Halloween light decorations are easy to set up — simply stick them right into the ground — and feature efficient, energy-saving bulbs.

Price: $39.98 at Home Depot

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Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles 

hand holding glow-in-the-dark pebbles
Image: Amazon

These glow-in-the-dark pebbles can give your walkway, garden, driveway — or even fish tank! — a haunting hue. After lying outside under the sun, these magical pebbles generate a luminous blue glow for up to two hours. The package includes 300 pebbles.

Why We Love It: How could so simple a decoration be oh-so-eerie? We like that they seem like mild-mannered pebbles by daylight, but when nighttime falls they light up like enchanted moon rocks.  

Price: $15.99 (reg. $19.99) on Amazon

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Best Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Pose-N-Stay Life Size Skeleton

fake skeleton standing on a porch with a skeleton dog on a leash
Image: Amazon

It’s not October if there aren’t skeleton Halloween decorations artfully arranged around your home, yard or office. This bony guy is made of plastic and stands five feet tall, weighing in at slender 5.69 pounds. Eye patch and bandanna are included.

Why We Love It: Lockable joints and a movable jaw mean you can pose him in any position you please, whether waving at passersby, relaxing on the front porch, or doing the macarena.

Price: $74.99 on Amazon

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Pose-N-Stay Weiner Dog Skeleton Halloween Decoration

fake skeleton dog standing on a wooden dock
Image: Amazon

This pup does a good job walking the line between kind of cute and doggone terrifying. Like his human skeleton counterpart listed above, this Weiner dog skeleton is poseable with a movable head and jaw.

Why We Love It: If you ever wanted a pet but don’t want to deal with having to clean up pesky messes or go on walks, this dog is for you.

Price: $46.99 on Amazon

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Best Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Halloween Pumpkin Throw Pillow

pumpkin throw pillows on the floor
Image: Amazon

Taking an abrupt turn away from scary outdoor Halloween decorations, this pretty pumpkin throw pillow is pretty chic. It comes in a range of different sizes and colors and is fluffy, soft and huggable.

Why We Love It: It’s a dead-ringer dupe for these stuffed Pottery Barn Halloween pumpkin decorations, which are also cute but pricey.

Price: $7.99+ on Amazon

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Jack-O’-Lantern Flickering Tea Lights

lighted LED jack-o-lanterns
Image: Amazon

Truth be told, we weren’t quite sure whether to classify these as Halloween pumpkin decorations or light decorations — because they’re kind of both. These tiny twinkling pumpkin tea lights are battery-powered and can supply more than 150 hours of light. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use and come in a set of twelve.

Why We Love It: We love how these little pumpkins flicker and last long into the night, as if powered not by batteries but by Halloween magic.

Price: $12.99 on Amazon

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Best Cheap Halloween Accessories

Spider Web Placemat Set

fake spider web placement with plates and silverware on top
Image: Amazon

Crafted from vinyl, these spiderweb placemats are water-resistant and durable enough for everyday dining. The spiderweb place mat set includes six placemats.

Why We Love It: Eye-catching and stylish, these placemats are good for classy, grown-up Halloween parties. We’re including them in case you think giant yard inflatables, life-size corpses and elaborate DIY outdoor Halloween decorations are a bit much (party-pooper). 

Price: $23.99 (reg. $25.99) on Amazon 

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Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

fake monster hand coming out of a candy bowl
Image: Amazon

We’re closing out this list with a fun one. If you dare to snatch a piece of candy from this witchy bowl, the hand will try and grab you. The motion-activated hand also says three spooky phrases:

“Have some candy?”

“Happy Halloween?” 

“Trick or treat!”

Why We Love It: Now we don’t have to worry about anyone taking all the fun-sized Three Musketeer bars from the office candy bowl. We’re looking at you, Brenda from accounting.

Price: $35.62 from Amazon

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