I got bored of my very own fragrance so I dipped into anyone else’s, but my favourite was this Atkinson’s 24 Old Bond St. which I gave to my dad numerous several years ago. It is a refreshing blend which is not aquatic or citrusy but nevertheless clean. The principal notes to my nose are cardamom and black tea, with a superior dose of ambergris when it heats up a bit. The ambergris provides a saltiness to the tea, and a bit of zing to what would if not be a dull aquatic. This is seaside and seashells, but also a little bit of musk that helps it last extended, sweetens up the saline a little bit, bolsters almost everything else.

My dad’s assessment is that this was very good but it shed its luster just after a handful of wears.

Did it go lousy?

No, it just stopped currently being superior in a way that under no circumstances happens to the Polo’s and Boss’s.

Individually, I consider it is the ambergris. I obtain that ambergris fatigues my nose and I just can’t have on it extremely significantly, absolutely not day after working day, and I wouldn’t be amazed if my dad’s nose is the exact.

In any case, I provided to get this virtually-empty bottle off his hands and he said no way, my daughter gave it to me so I’m carrying every single very last fall.

If you go on Fragrantica there are some hilarious assessments such as a person that idealized the British Raj, and no, this does not scent like the finest of colonial times no matter of the tea and cardamom notes. I had to browse the overview out loud to my father, and we could not prevent laughing, and then he claimed, I guess this what all you perfume writers do. Uh, what?

In any case, this is unisex with great longevity, and it was a pleasure for me to don here and there. I wouldn’t even head possessing a bottle.


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